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It’s Masturbation May You Need to Check Out Enchantrix Perks

We have a new website here at LDW.  It’s called Enchantrix Perks.  Right there on the splash page, it tells you what it’s all about – Special Extras just for our loyal subs, slaves, sissies, cuckold’s and pets!  We’ll be posting contests, events, and . . . → Read More: It is MASTURBATION MAY!

Changing Hands for Masturbation

You can stroke with opposite hands!

Changing hands for masturbation is a sexy and fun way to add to your masturbation routine. When you jerk off, have you ever done opposite hand masturbation or are you always jerking off with the same hand?  I bet you likely use the same hand.  If you’re a right . . . → Read More: Changing Hands for Masturbation

A Masturbation Date

I want you to delve into Masturbation May a bit deeper with a Masturbation Date. I want you to get ready this weekend, and have your date this next week. Think of it as something to bring back all of the feelings of blue balls just for a week or so just like you were dating. . . . → Read More: A Masturbation Date

Cock Sprints

I enjoy teaching men how to do cock sprints during a masturbation session! They can be amazing to add to your masturbation session so read on!

Masturbation Technique from Ms. Delia

Cock Sprints

Today, we’re going to . . . → Read More: Cock Sprints

On Cam Masturbation

I’ll admit it. I’m a masturbation junkie. I love Masturbation Month! I love it when you masturbate, and I do have masturbation fascination!! Oh, I like to strum the banjo, or run my Hitachi Magic Wand over my aching clit, but what I’m really talking about here is my fascination with watching you masturbate! . . . → Read More: On Cam Masturbation