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Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

There wasn’t going to be a Part 2 after my first post, but I tried this sexy tease with subby hubby Jack, and I just had to share it with you all!

Sexy Thigh Highs for Hands Free Masturbation

Do I not have the sexiest legs there are?  I . . . → Read More: Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

Hands Free Masturbation

Hands Free Masturbation A Masterful Masturbatrix

There is no doubt I know how to handle a cock, is there?  I can guide your masturbation, and you know that if you follow all my instructions and do exactly as I say, that orgasm I allow you will be one of the best you’ve ever had!  . . . → Read More: Hands Free Masturbation

Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

This is a Ms. Delia Masturbation Fantasy. It IS Masturbation May, so I DO expect you to be orgasm free. I do know that you CAN’T hide when you mess up, so be prepared for punishing masturbation!!

First the Humiliation

Oh, you poor little stroker.  I told you not to cum, . . . → Read More: Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

Stroking your Cock with Panties

Stroking your Cock with Panties is a silky and wonderful sensation. I had to add this to Masturbation Monday because of how sexy and silky good those sessions have been. And I should confess I do have a secret panty fetish when it comes to men in panties! Oh and remember, not every masturbation . . . → Read More: Stroking your Cock with Panties

Jelquing Technique

This week I want to revisit the jelqing technique. I have had a couple of wonderful sessions recently where I taught a man to jelq. It was so very sexy teaching something new, and I do invite you to practice this exciting technique!

What Is Jelqing?

Masturbation Technique from Ms. Delia

Jelqing – . . . → Read More: Jelquing Technique