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Kegels Intensify Orgasms

Stroking with Kegels for Me!

What are kegels and how do they intensify orgasms? Well, I will explain the first part, and then will let a sexy stroker add his thoughts about kegels during masturbation! And I must say, I love how many of you are doing orgasm experiments after I encouraged you . . . → Read More: Kegels Intensify Orgasms

Stop Premature Ejaculation

Let’s all be honest. You want to stop premature ejaculation because it is just about the worst thing that can happen to your penis during sex! Think of it. You penetrate her, ready for those intense feelings that come from thrusting. You do one thrust, then two…and then you shoot that load way too . . . → Read More: Stop Premature Ejaculation

Clamping and Kegeling Masturbation

Need a tip for more sensitive masturbation? The goal of clamping and kegeling is to make the cock much more sensitive to the touch. The combination of a clamped cock and kegel exercises create a thicker, extra hard, and very intense feeling cock! Take your masturbation up to a new level with this technique!

. . . → Read More: Clamping and Kegeling Masturbation