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Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

This is a Ms. Delia Masturbation Fantasy. It IS Masturbation May, so I DO expect you to be orgasm free. I do know that you CAN’T hide when you mess up, so be prepared for punishing masturbation!!

First the Humiliation

Oh, you poor little stroker.  I told you not to cum, . . . → Read More: Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

More Tease And Denial For Jack

How much teasing could you take?

Teasing To Get Those Balls Churning

After his panty wearing shore excursion, and the massive load of cum that erupted from his balls, I figured they needed to be re-filled. As a cockteasing bitch, I know nothing will get a submissive strokers balls churning out spunk like . . . → Read More: More Tease And Denial For Jack

Post Orgasmic Torment

I LOVE Post Orgasmic Torment on men’s cocks! POT is Stimulation AFTER the Orgasm! Think post orgasmic stimulation sounds intense? It IS!! Think you want to try it? You should! Why? It is fun, and it is so beyond intense for that cock of yours. Every man, no matter the size of . . . → Read More: Post Orgasmic Torment