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Continuous Cumming

I have often taught men to prolong their orgasms, and have come up with a way to do something I call continuous cumming! This technique takes lots of practice, but if you can master it, you will be able to have multiple orgasms.

Steps to Continuous Cumming Slowly work your cock to an edge, . . . → Read More: Continuous Cumming

You Love to be Cock Teased

Admit I Control Your Cock

Just admit that you love the torment.  Tell me you’re kinky playtoy.  You like being teased.  You like being edged.  You like being ruined.  You like being denied.  You love obeying a cock control Mistress like me.  In any other situation, with any other woman, you’d love to take . . . → Read More: You Love to be Cock Teased

Stretching for Masturbation

The Pre-Masturbation Back Stretch

Stretch before Masturbating

This position is hot for masturbating, so why not warm up in it? Get on your knees! I LOVE saying that. Sit that ass back on your feet. Lean forward and reach your arms out in front of you and feel the stretch in your back. . . . → Read More: Stretching for Masturbation

Edging your Cock

Edge And Hold Back Cum

We’re going to train you to tease yourself to multiple edges – and to ride those orgasmic edges and maintain that

Mistress Delia

feeling.  Get naked and get comfortable, then start stroking your hard, throbbing cock.  Here’s my guidance on that – stroke however makes you feel good and . . . → Read More: Edging your Cock

Hot And Wet Masturbation

Hot and Wet Masturbation

DIY Masturbation Toy

After my last post on masturbation toys, one of my callers reminded me how I had instructed him in making a masturbation sleeve out of a hotel wash cloth, because sometimes you forget your toys on the road – or the TSA confiscates them! So this . . . → Read More: Hot And Wet Masturbation