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Jack’s Skype Call

Jack’s Skype Call Skype – Just Another Way To Reach Your Phone Sex Femdom

You know we have so many different ways to get in touch with a Phone Sex Mistress here at The Enchantrix Empire.  While speaking on the phone is certainly the main way we session with you, there are so many . . . → Read More: Jack’s Skype Call

5 Simple Rules For Orgasms

5 Simple Rules For Orgasms Are You In Chastity?

Well, then, this is for you, because the first rule is, you will always be restrained when your chastity device is removed.  It may just be with your hands cuffed behind your back.

You might be tied hand and foot in a hog-tie, or to . . . → Read More: 5 Simple Rules For Orgasms

What Cock Control Really Means

No More Masturbation

Okay, not really.  It’s just that, now that I have control of your cock, masturbation is no longer a solo thing. From now on, your stroking will be under my explicit instructions – guided masturbation, if you will.  You will not touch or play with your cock unless I tell you . . . → Read More: What Cock Control Really Means

Edging To Exhaustion Report

I want you to edge!


I recently gave an Edging to Exhaustion Challenge to my blog readers, and I must tell you how very much I love getting reports on my assignments!

A wonderful slave to me, My e asked Mistress permission to do this task, and I allowed him to because . . . → Read More: Edging To Exhaustion Report

Kegels Intensify Orgasms

Stroking with Kegels for Me!

What are kegels and how do they intensify orgasms? Well, I will explain the first part, and then will let a sexy stroker add his thoughts about kegels during masturbation! And I must say, I love how many of you are doing orgasm experiments after I encouraged you . . . → Read More: Kegels Intensify Orgasms