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Why I Like Edging

Why I Like Edging You’re Always Aroused And Excited

When you come to me for some teasing, edging and delayed orgasm play, I’ve noticed that you’re already aroused, horny and excited.  Maybe not if you’re a new stroker, but once you get how the game is played – how I’m going to guide your . . . → Read More: Why I Like Edging

Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Orgasm vs. Ejaculation

One of the things a good cock tease knows is the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.  Despite what most men think, they aren’t the same!  As a male, you really don’t want to orgasm! You want to ejaculate.  It’s biological and hardwired into you by millions of years of evolution.  Ejaculation . . . → Read More: Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Why Ms. Delia Loves Denial

 Denial is so Hard, Isn’t It

I know your cock is hard, slut!  I mean, being denied, not being allowed to cum, having to ask permission for something that’s out of your control.  I bet you wonder, how is it that I can keep you denied for a week, for a month, maybe even longer?  The . . . → Read More: Why Ms. Delia Loves Denial

Blue Balls Weekend

I have a blue balls weekend planned for you! As you all know, Ms. Delia LOVES giving extreme cock control for blue balls by giving repeated edging, and repeated denial. After a while of cock stroking, edging, and being denied, oh that wonderful ache begins to spread through your ball sack, until it’s in . . . → Read More: Blue Balls Weekend

Football Stroking Challenge

So this Sunday it all goes down for me and my Patriots! All of my blog readers KNOW I am a hardcore Pats fan. And if you are not a fan of my team, I even go so far as to celebrate the fact that we are all into football! Since I will be . . . → Read More: Football Stroking Challenge