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To Punish or Not To Punish

To Punish or Not To Punish

It feels like June had been all about teaching about BDSM fun, and I have loved it. Today I want to talk about punishment…to punish or not to punish, that is the question.

I have recently had a couple of questions about whether or not certain things were . . . → Read More: To Punish or Not To Punish

Discipline Vs. Punishment

Do you need to be disciplined? Or punished?

Discipline And Punishment Are Not The Same Things

The D in BDSM usually stands for Discipline. I get a lot of calls where the sub tells me that want to be punished, but what they really want is discipline. Discipline and punishment are two totally . . . → Read More: Discipline Vs. Punishment

Punishment in BDSM

Punishment can be confusing in thing in the BDSM world. Often what one would think of as a punishment is more of a reward sensation or something desired. If a spanking slave were to be spanked, it would NOT be a punishment!

The True & Real Submissive

Kinky Punishments

This type is often . . . → Read More: Punishment in BDSM

An Erotic Halloween Story

Deeper into the House of Horrors

What pretty panties! Did Ms. Constance’s Haunted Panties scare you?  Aren’t you ready to turn back?  Or are you such a slut, so controlled by your own needs and the needs of that pathetic, horny cock, that you just have no choice but to continue on?  Well, head . . . → Read More: An Erotic Halloween Story

Different Pain For Different Players

It’s okay to cry

Do I Have To Be A Pain Slut?

As many of you know, Ms. Delia has this reputation of being a hardcore sadistic bitch, that I love to play on the edge and get off on hearing your screams and making you cry.  Now, while that’s true, I can . . . → Read More: Different Pain For Different Players