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Frustrated Face Sitting

Frustrated Face Sitting I Told You To Edge…Not Cum

You’ve been a naughty little stroker, haven’t you?    Go ahead, try to tell me you didn’t let that dicklet spurt when I told you I wanted you edging.  What else did I tell you, slut?  That’s right, I told you that if you couldn’t hold . . . → Read More: Frustrated Face Sitting

Ms. Delia’s Orgasmic Vacation

You know you’d worship this body!

Kinky Vacations Are Fun

Well, the ship docked early Friday morning. You’d think that would mean the end to out kinky vacation fun, but not so, my voyeuristic readers! No, we had decided to stay in the Tampa Bay area on Friday before heading home. So after . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Orgasmic Vacation

What Does Ms. Delia Do For Thanksgiving?

The Fun Comes At Night

Will You Be Best In Show?

If you read my Thanksgiving post, you know what my plans were for the night – stuffing Jack!  But, I like to build the anticipation throughout the day, so I need something else to do.  It’s not all debauchery and bondage sex, . . . → Read More: What Does Ms. Delia Do For Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Ms. Delia

Just a Thank You To All My Callers and Readers

I just want to take a moment and just thank all of my callers and readers who make every day here at The Enchantrix Empire an adventure.  Yes, I am a cockteasing bitch, and I can humiliate you . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

Jack’s FemDom Birthday – Part VI


More Torment for Jack!

You realize that everything up to now was just on Friday?  We still had 2 more days to go, so after his strap-on session, Jack cleaned up, then collapsed into bed. He was so spent, I think he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Every day . . . → Read More: Jack’s FemDom Birthday – Part VI