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Evacuation Kink

Evacuation Kink

Getting Kinky In The Caribbean was supposed to happen, but because of Irma it did not. It will on a future voyage, but I had to make evacuation sexy because I am Mistress Delia after all!

Kink While Evacuated

Evacuation IS certainly stressful, and is not something one would think of as . . . → Read More: Evacuation Kink

Submissive Training Ideas

3 Submissive Training Ideas

I have some favorite training protocols I love submissive to learn and to endure. I put my subby hubby, Jack through these three examples, so enjoy the peek behind the naughty curtain in Ms. Delia’s bedroom, and do think about what training I will put you through!


There’s nothing . . . → Read More: Submissive Training Ideas

Jack’s Kinky Birthday

That’s right, Jack’s birthday is coming up yet again.  Of course, you all know what that means.  Time for Ms. Delia to give him another kinky weekend full of sexy surprises.  You know in the past I took him away for a weekend where he was my slutty bitch.  We went on a cruise . . . → Read More: Jack’s Kinky Birthday

Peek Into My D/s Bedroom

From time to time, I offer my readers a peek into my D/s Bedroom. I am doing that today with a scene I recently enjoyed with my subby hubby, Jack. In fact, I will let him describe our fun in his own words. Every D/s scene is unique and quite naughty!

I hope you enjoy . . . → Read More: Peek Into My D/s Bedroom

Kinky Vacation Surprises For Jack

Kinky Surprises For Jack Toys To Pack

So, here I am, less than 24 hours away from my kinky Caribbean vacation…and I have no idea what to pack!  Maybe you all can leave me some comments, and give me some ideas.  I just have so much – we’re talking like 6 drawers and a . . . → Read More: Kinky Vacation Surprises For Jack