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How Much Can You Edge and Ruin?

A Tease Pet’s Limit

Last week, I wrote about ruining a man forever with ruined orgasms, and then I had an interesting call the other night. A submissive stroker called me and wanted to find out just what his limits were in being teased, edged, ruined, and denied. YUM! That just spoke to my . . . → Read More: How Much Can You Edge and Ruin?

Ruined Orgasm Audio

Ruin it!


Have you experienced a ruined orgasm? In this audio, I will walk you through a few of my favorite ways to stop that cum from leaving your cock. If you are one of my stroker sluts, you already will know some of these techniques because I have had you learn . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm Audio

3 Ways To Ruin An Orgasm

Want To Ruin Your Orgasm For Me? I Know You Do!

How’s your Masturbation May Treasure Hunt going?  Just because I’m allowing you lots of orgasms now, doesn’t mean I will in the future.  Take poor Jack – I’ve decided Masturbation May for him means lots of ruined orgasms.  At least 3, sometimes . . . → Read More: 3 Ways To Ruin An Orgasm

Ruined Orgasm – Squelching

Squelching is a ruined orgasm technique that I simply love. A silly word for a simple technique to Squeeze the Base. This method is similar to my scrunching technique blog where you focused on squeezing the tip. If you are looking for a ruined orgasm experience, squelching is a great way to start!

. . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm – Squelching