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An Essay About Submissives

An Essay About Submissives Submissives Are Not Doormats

Submissives are human beings who are free to do whatever they wish.  Despite what porn will tell you, that submissives are weak-willed individuals who can just be walked over (though trampling does have its place) and will do whatever a Dominant tells them to, that’s just . . . → Read More: An Essay About Submissives

Strap-On Sex In My New Place

You know you’re finally settled in when you can have strap-on sex with abandon!  You see, as Jack and I have been out on our

Big Strap on

explorations, and I’ve been training for my triathlon, things got a little busy and hectic.  As a result, things got neglected – like his ass! The problem . . . → Read More: Strap-On Sex In My New Place

Gifts for a Mistress

A gift is something you give without expectation of anything in return.  In return for your submission, I often gift my dominance.   I play with you, tease you, spank you, and often amuse myself doing so.  Giving you guided masturbation instructions, spanking your ass, dressing you up as a sissy are all things I . . . → Read More: Gifts for a Mistress

A Stroke-tastic Feature Day

Thanks for a Stroke-tastic Feature Day!

A Thank You to All

As many of you know, I have been here at the Enchantrix Empire for 4 years.  Last Thursday however was my first ever Feature Day, and I will tell all of you, it won’t be my last!  To celebrate my birthday with all . . . → Read More: A Stroke-tastic Feature Day

Do You Want Ms. Delia to Dominate You?

Join Me On My Featured Mistress Day

Soft or Hard?

Not your cock, slut!  I know that’s hard!  I mean, which way do you like your dominance – soft, light, sensual, or strict and hard?  I know, I have the hard, cockteasing bitch reputation, but my sissies will tell you, I can be . . . → Read More: Do You Want Ms. Delia to Dominate You?