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Ms. Delia’s Kinky Game

A Game Of Dildo’s

I play a lot of kinky games with my callers.  One of my favorite games to play with Jack though is one we call “You Pick”.  You could also call it a Game of Dildo’s!

He gets naked for me, I tease and play with him for a while, then . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Kinky Game

You Need a Gag

You Need a Gag

I know I’ve always said how much I love to hear my sluts beg…but lately, your begging is too much, and you need a gag!  It starts from the moment I allow you to begin stroking, right through until I tell you to put your cock away. Well, slut, what did . . . → Read More: You Need a Gag

Ms. Delia Masturbates with Sex Toys

Did someone say sex toys? It’s My Birthday (soon this month) and I will ORGASM when I want to! I LOVE to masturbate, and this is a shameless post about something I rarely talk about MY Masturbation!! Do read on! This does involve part of My Dungeon, so Pictures FIRST!  My masturbation revelation hit me while . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Masturbates with Sex Toys

Masturbation Toys

Try Some Masturbation Toys!! VibeRite Hammerhead Male Attachment by Stockroom

Masturbation Can Get Boring

Even with all my Masturbation Monday posts, even when we’re on the phone and I guide your masturbation and give you new and interesting ways to stroke that cock, masturbation with just your hand can get so boring! Adding . . . → Read More: Masturbation Toys

Bored With Cock?

Did you think I could really get bored with cock?

How About Cock On A Board?

OMG, did you guys get all worried when you read the title? Did you really think a cockteasing bitch like Ms. Delia could get bored with cock? No way! I do like to come up with new . . . → Read More: Bored With Cock?