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New to BDSM

What Do You Want To Know About BDSM?

Are you new to BDSM? From time to time, I will get an email or IM from someone very new to the scene with lots of questions and concerns, especially about being “right”. So Ms. Delia will discuss what to do when you are new . . . → Read More: New to BDSM

Some Spanking Fun

Want me to warm your ass?

A Friday Night Ritual

Lately, Jack and I have been playing around with a little game every Friday night.  Now, we live a 24/7 lifestyle, and there’s always elements of BDSM in just about everything we do.  But as Jack has a job, it’s sometimes difficult to . . . → Read More: Some Spanking Fun

Submission is NOT a Gift

Your gift of submission is not the key to my heart


How many of you are screaming that – or calling me other choice words because I just shouted out that submission isn’t a gift?  I am not saying I don’t like having submissives, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the submissives . . . → Read More: Submission is NOT a Gift

BDSM Play Responsibilities

Submissives for Mistress

We Play On The Phone

As a Phone Sex Mistress, I take my responsibility as your Mistress very seriously when we play on the phone…or in Sexy Text…or on cam…or on Skype.  However, a lot of my callers don’t realize they have responsibilities as well as bottoms, submissives or slaves.  . . . → Read More: BDSM Play Responsibilities

After Pussy Massage Mistress Orgasms

Mistress Has an Orgasm

Enough Pussy Teasing!

When we started this body worshiping session, you didn’t know you were going to get to turn the tables, did you?  We’re both loving this though.  I love the attention you’re giving my body…and finally, my pussy.  You love the fact that you’re getting to experience . . . → Read More: After Pussy Massage Mistress Orgasms