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Why I Like Edging

Why I Like Edging You’re Always Aroused And Excited

When you come to me for some teasing, edging and delayed orgasm play, I’ve noticed that you’re already aroused, horny and excited.  Maybe not if you’re a new stroker, but once you get how the game is played – how I’m going to guide your . . . → Read More: Why I Like Edging

THE 3 “O’s” of Orgasm

THE 3 “O’s” Right this minute, I have one poor little fellow completely under my thumb: he’s in the throes of THE 3 O’s and . . . he’s waiting . . . waiting desperately.  You ask what are THE 3 O’s?  Read on to see if you want to try YOUR luck with me.  It’s . . . → Read More: THE 3 “O’s” of Orgasm

Lust In Wandering Eyes

Lust In Wandering Eyes My Eyes Are Up Here

Look at me. Not between my legs.  Do you really think you have any chance of earning that part of me?

And stop looking at my breasts, or my legs, or my beautiful ass.  Look at me. At my face. Can’t you concentrate? Don’t you . . . → Read More: Lust In Wandering Eyes

Orgasm Promised

We are ALMOST at the end of our sexy stroke tease story by me and Ms Olivia. Do you think we will let our man cum? Do you? Here is part 9 for your stroking pleasure! The Tease is ON! 

Enjoy and do leave comments and you might find YOUR scenes and ideas in . . . → Read More: Orgasm Promised

It’s Better with Cock Control

I know you have been hard and horny for the next part of the sexy stroke tease story by Ms Olivia and me? What will

happen to our HANDY man?? Here is part 7 for your stroking pleasure!

Enjoy and do leave comments, and you might find YOUR scenes and ideas in another sexy . . . → Read More: It’s Better with Cock Control