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It’s Tease AND Denial

First The Cockteasing

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  I am a cockteasing bitch!  I love teasing my submissives and slaves.  Whether it’s taking my subby hubby Jack’s gorgeous dick in my hand (or my mouth…or even my pussy!) or giving my stroking cock control callers guided masturbation instructions, . . . → Read More: It’s Tease AND Denial

Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch

Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch You Said You Wanted A Cockteasing Bitch

Those were your exact words.  You begged me to take control of your cock, then you said that what you really wanted was a beautiful, sexy woman who could be a cockteasing bitch to you.  I just laughed and said “Be . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch

The New Stroker Pet

The New Stroker Pet: A multi-part story by Delia and Olivia

I’m Mistress Delia, and wouldn’t you LOVE to be the NEW guy in MY neighborhood. After this story you sure will be!

Teased by Mistress Delia

My friend Mistress Olivia lives near me and between the two of us we are a very naughty . . . → Read More: The New Stroker Pet

Tease and Denial Thoughts

Ms. Delia’s Thoughts on Tease & Denial

If there is a favorite activity I have, it has to be tease and denial.  Here are a few of my thoughts….

Teasing And Denying You Isn’t Fair

Why should it be?  When I – or any other Masturbatrix – has control of your cock, we don’t . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial Thoughts

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing?

I am a Cocktease through and through, and I love to just tease and deny your cock when your jerk it for me. But what do I like the best about cockteasing? I love (and that IS an understatement!) the teasing, and I can’t keep teasing you if you cum, now . . . → Read More: How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing