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Sexy Tickling Fetish

Do you have a sexy tickling fetish?

Mistress Delia

When someone tells you they like “kinky sex” your mind may put them in a category of liking it rough, or possibly enjoying some extreme humiliation, maybe crossdressing, or thoughts of whips and chains enter your mind. But not all fetishes have that . . . → Read More: Sexy Tickling Fetish

Tickling Fetish

Tickle Fetishes are Real!

Ms. Delia I think I have a tickle fetish. I get rock hard when my girlfriend tickles me, even if she is not being sexual. Is this a fetish?

I’d Love to Tie you up and Tickle you!

What is a tickle fetish? There is a term for it: . . . → Read More: Tickling Fetish