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Another Kinky Birthday For Jack

I Always Have Sexy Plans For Jack

If you’ve been begging Mistress for a while, and reading my blogs, you know that the second week of April is Jack’s birthday.  Whether it was the first Femdom Birthday trip, I told you about way back in 2012, or our most recent birthday cruise last year, . . . → Read More: Another Kinky Birthday For Jack

Virtual World on Whore School!


Hi, strokers and sluts!

I am always about NEW ways to masturbate. Think about animated masturbation chairs, masturbator toys, rugs, and even high tech computerized masturbation machines that Mistress controls like a mad scientist! Are you curious about how we would do this yet?

Quench that curiosity by coming to Whore School . . . → Read More: Virtual World on Whore School!

*Pinned Post* Enchantrix PERKS is Here!

Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

Guess what! We are having a naughty and NEW program for everyone. It has been tested and approved, and now YOU can join! Join today…this week…asap!

What is Enchantrix Perks? Get rewarded for all of the calls you make with LDW Group! Sign up for FREE for our . . . → Read More: *Pinned Post* Enchantrix PERKS is Here!

Fleshlight Chastity Training

Fleshlight Chastity Training A Masturbation Challenge

One of my chastity slaves called up the other day, desperate for release (I don’t know why, he’s only been locked up for 3 months!).  I made a deal with him, and told him to get his Fleshlight with the suction cup base, and attach it to the wall.  I told him . . . → Read More: Fleshlight Chastity Training

Secrets of Prostate Milking

Secrets of Prostate Milking

Prostate milking, for those of you who are unsure, is when your Mistress slides her fingers deep inside your bottom and begins massaging your prostate.  This is where your body produces and stores the fluid that mixes with sperm and then forms semen.  Massaging the prostate allows that fluid to . . . → Read More: Secrets of Prostate Milking