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Appointments & Contact

I enjoy making things simple for us, so now you can access this scheduler to quickly book and confirm an appointment with me! You know I DO love appointments, so enjoy this easy way to help us connect!


I have a handy appointment scheduler. Feel free to use it BUT you NEED to send me an email to to make sure I got it and to confirm. Sometimes, as great as technology is, there are glitches. So ALWAYS email me with your appointment confirmation. 

Appointment Rule:

VERY IMPORTANT: If we schedule an appointment my policy is to wait 10 minutes. After that, I consider our appointment missed.

Ways to Contact Me:

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

Beg for Mistress Delia

1. Use the Appointment Schedule Above! EMAIL me your appointment confirmation!

2. Email:

2. Twitter: @EmpressDelia to follow me for the newest happenings and hot talk.

3. YahooIM: empress.delia to check in when you see me.

4. Follow my Tumblr!

5. Also feel free to call dispatch to see if they can call me. I always leave a note for dispatch for the times I am available even if I am not online.  

Yahoo IM and Skype:

I use my Yahoo IM to set us sessions and sexy texts. I also enjoy a quick check in! Please note. My Yahoo IM often is VERY busy, so I do not have long conversations there. If you want to send session details, please email them to me: and I will reply. Please be mindful of these guidelines as it makes our Yahoo experience really great and seamless! Thanks!

I do not monitor Skype unless we are in session, so please do email me if you are looking for Skype contact Put “Skype” in your subject line, please.

IM Status messages are important:

  • If I am RED (busy) and my status says “on the phone”, you may say a quick hello or leave a note for me to respond to after the call is done. I will respond.
  • If RED (busy) and available, I am likely near the machine, but not on it all the time. Do leave a message and I will respond quickly!
  • If yellow and available, feel free to say hi and have a quick chat with me or set up a session and sexy text!