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It’s Tease AND Denial

First The Cockteasing

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  I am a cockteasing bitch!  I love teasing my submissives and slaves.  Whether it’s taking my subby hubby Jack’s gorgeous dick in my hand (or my mouth…or even my pussy!) or giving my stroking cock control callers guided masturbation instructions, . . . → Read More: It’s Tease AND Denial

Chastity Lock Emergency

When you are in chastity, I always say you should be prepared for an emergency. Last night that happened to Me and to Jack. We solved the problem, but this made me want to again stress the importance of having a plan for escaping chastity if needed.

Jack had been Chastity Locked for the . . . → Read More: Chastity Lock Emergency

Cumming Coin Flip

Kinky Cruise Fun

After teasing, ruining and spanking Jack for most of our cruise, on our last sea day, I was feeling pretty  horny – my subby had been on excellent behavior – orally pleasing me, fucking me with our strap-on and generally just giving me all the orgasms he wasn’t getting,  so I . . . → Read More: Cumming Coin Flip

Addressing Your Mistress With Respect

What Do You Call Your Dominant?

You should always address your Femdom with respect.  Having a title for her and addressing her as such just shows good manners.  There are all kinds of examples.  Princess, Empress, Goddess, and Mistress are all pretty common ones around LDW. You can get fancy, and call her Maitresse, . . . → Read More: Addressing Your Mistress With Respect

The Uses Of Orgasm Edging

What Is Orgasm Edging

This is where I will be!

Can you believe some guys call me and don’t know what orgasm edging is?  Let’s start with a quick primer.  Orgasm edging is when you get to just before the point of no return, just about to cum, and you stop – or . . . → Read More: The Uses Of Orgasm Edging