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12 Days of Sexmas, Part 1

Some Holiday Fun For My Slaves

Too Cold Now!

Are you ready, my subs and slaves?  It’s Ms. Delia’s 12 Days of Sexmas!  Starting on Christmas Day, I’m going to give you Femdom instructions on how you can make your holidays cheery and bright!  Make sure you check back frequently this week to . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Sexmas, Part 1

Masturbation Game

A Fun Masturbation Game I’ve Done With Jack

We usually play this game after a couple of days or maybe a week without him cumming.  We start with a long teasing session, in which he gives me pleasure and all the orgasms I can handle.

Then we start by putting a non-lubricated condom on . . . → Read More: Masturbation Game

Stroking, Leaking And Desperate

Sluts Stroke For Ms. Delia

Yes, slut, get naked for me.  I want you to wrap your hand around that hard, horny cock, and start stroking.  Slowly.

3 seconds on the up stroke, 3 seconds on the down stroke.  Feel the warmth of your dick in your hand.  Every vein, that fold of skin . . . → Read More: Stroking, Leaking And Desperate

Mistress Has A Kinky Cruise

Irma Ruined My Last Cruise

You know what’s worse than a ruined orgasm?  When Ms. Delia’s cruise gets ruined by a bitch named Irma!  Regular readers know I was supposed to take a wonderful cruise full of kinky fun in September.  Three days before, that bitch of a storm decided to blow through every . . . → Read More: Mistress Has A Kinky Cruise

I Told Him A Photo Shoot Was A Bad Idea, Part 2

Those Photographers Were Suprised

When the subject dropped trou, it was like the old vinyl record scratch; for one or two beats, the studio fell silent. It wasn’t until the production assistant smartly grabbed our poser’s drawers from his ankles when the whoops, laughter, and applause filled the room. You see, these shutterbugs were . . . → Read More: I Told Him A Photo Shoot Was A Bad Idea, Part 2