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You Want To Worship Your Mistress

You Want To Worship Your Mistress You Love Your Mistress’ Sexy Body

I know you do.  You kneel naked at my feet and I can see the hunger in your eyes as you wonder which part of me I’m going to have your massage, kiss and lick.  Don’t I look sexy sitting before you?  . . . → Read More: You Want To Worship Your Mistress

Ms. Delia’s Orgasmic Vacation

You know you’d worship this body!

Kinky Vacations Are Fun

Well, the ship docked early Friday morning. You’d think that would mean the end to out kinky vacation fun, but not so, my voyeuristic readers! No, we had decided to stay in the Tampa Bay area on Friday before heading home. So after . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Orgasmic Vacation

Smooth Legs

Would You Like To Worship These Legs?

They’ll Get You Off

So, the other night, my subby hubby, Jack’n’Jerk, was getting a little bit – frisky.  I had had a long day talking to all you strokers, sissies, cuckold, cocksuckers and ass whores, and I had just slipped into bed.  I was tired.  . . . → Read More: Smooth Legs

Lovely Leg Fetish

Would You Like To Kiss All The Way Up These Legs?

I Know Why Men Love Legs so Much

Do you have a leg fetish? I completely understand. Long, lean, toned, and graceful legs simply demand worship, don’t they? I bet you love watching a woman stride down a street, twirl on a . . . → Read More: Lovely Leg Fetish

Pretty Feet

Worship My Toes

My Foot and Shoe Fetish

I have often said I have a fetish for men with a foot and shoe fetish! I have always loved sexy shoes, and more than that really hot boots!  All my life, I have loved heels from tiny kitten heels to huge stilettos that are . . . → Read More: Pretty Feet