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Teasing & Edging Session

A Proper Teasing & Edging Session…doesn’t really start until you wish it was over!

If I’m teasing and edging you, and after the first 5 edges, you’re begging to cum, I know how insincere that is.  I mean, most of you can hit 5 edges inside of the first few minutes of our call.  . . . → Read More: Teasing & Edging Session

An Erotic Massage

An Erotic Massage

I think an erotic massage is wonderful, and I love hearing about them. I hope you enjoy this erotic massage story, written by a very special slave, as much as I do!

Her fingers softly touching the sole of my left foot is the first sensation I feel. My whole body . . . → Read More: An Erotic Massage

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing?

I am a Cocktease through and through, and I love to just tease and deny your cock when your jerk it for me. But what do I like the best about cockteasing? I love (and that IS an understatement!) the teasing, and I can’t keep teasing you if you cum, now . . . → Read More: How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing

Chastity When Married

Are you a married chastity slaves? How do you handle the constraints of chastity devices when married? I have a lot of chastity slaves who are married.  Now, for some of them, this doesn’t pose a problem.  Besides being chastity slaves, they’re also being cuckolded by their hot wives, so those ladies are getting their needs met . . . → Read More: Chastity When Married

Weekend of Denial

Do you ever wonder about short-term denial, like a weekend of chastity and denial? A few men have 8 weeks of blue balls in honor of the Seahawks winning The Big Game!  I’ve got a bunch of subs who foolishly bet me that the Peyton face would not make an appearance last Sunday – . . . → Read More: Weekend of Denial