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Rules of Chastity, Part 1

Chastity Rules Shouldn’t Come From The Internet

The internet has certainly made BDSM and things like chastity play more accessible.  No longer do you have to check out advice columns in sketchy magazines you picked up from the Adult Bookstore, or just rely on luckily finding a cocktease who shares your kink.  With that . . . → Read More: Rules of Chastity, Part 1

Halloween Chastity is Helloween

A Year Of Chastity

Last year you found two hot sexy girls who wanted to take you to a Halloween party.  They dressed up as cops, and you were their prisoner – handcuffs, the striped jumpsuit

I would have gone with an evil villainess who captures her poor prisoner prey.  And just for fun . . . → Read More: Halloween Chastity is Helloween

Lock-tober Chastity Is Just Around The Corner

That’s Right, Your Cock Is Staying Locked In Chastity

I know chastity slaves, some of you have already been locked up for a long time.  Too bad!  Lock-tober is just one day away, and I’m certainly not letting you out now.

What would be the point?  To unlock that chastity cage and let you have . . . → Read More: Lock-tober Chastity Is Just Around The Corner

Chastity Prostate Milking

Chastity Prostate Milking Sometimes Balls Must Be Drained

I know when your cock is locked in chastity, it can feel desperate like you are walking a tightrope, a fine line between obeying and breaking free with desperation and ache.

Now, a cockteasing bitch like me gets you all worked up, and those balls start . . . → Read More: Chastity Prostate Milking

Cumming Out Of Chastity

Cumming Out Of Chastity Worried About Being Cock Locked?

I know that some of you wannabe chastity slaves are worried about having me lock your cock up.  You’re afraid that when I finally click that lock on, your dick will be gone forever.  I will admit, once I secure that chastity cage, it will . . . → Read More: Cumming Out Of Chastity