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A Red, White And Blue Assignment

Normally, my Memorial Day posts are serious.  This one may be fun, but remember all the veteran’s who have served our country, because that’s what the day is all about!

Your White Panties

C’mon panty bois!  It’s Memorial Day, and you can finally pull out your white panties and put those on!  I hope . . . → Read More: A Red, White And Blue Assignment

Tied Up Tuesday

Think I Can’t Control You?

Keeping You Under Control

What do I think most defines me as a Femdom?  I think it’s my need for absolute and total control over you.  Now, you’ve willingly given me control of your cock, but I really want more.  Bondage – tying you up so you are . . . → Read More: Tied Up Tuesday

You Want Ms. Delia To Dominate You

My Dominating Schedule

You want me to dominate you!

– more than usual.  You just haven’t been suffering for ME!  In general I will be available from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday (that’s Eastern.  Oh, and you UK wankers – that’s prime time for you, isn’t it?).  Saturdays are my . . . → Read More: You Want Ms. Delia To Dominate You

Bondage Fun In the New House

I can’t put this in the guest room!

Ms. Delia Was Sad

One thing moving to the South has taught me is that y’all don’t believe in basements.  How’s a Femdom supposed to have a proper dungeon without a basement!  Luckily, Jack and I bought a house with a lot of bedrooms, a . . . → Read More: Bondage Fun In the New House

3 Ways To Ruin An Orgasm

Want To Ruin Your Orgasm For Me? I Know You Do!

How’s your Masturbation May Treasure Hunt going?  Just because I’m allowing you lots of orgasms now, doesn’t mean I will in the future.  Take poor Jack – I’ve decided Masturbation May for him means lots of ruined orgasms.  At least 3, sometimes . . . → Read More: 3 Ways To Ruin An Orgasm