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My First Cuckold Experience

After my last blog, I was thinking about my first cuckolding experience, the one that happened long before Jack, and likely the one that gave me the hunger for the cuckold dynamic.


Remembering First Cuckolding

It is so much fun to revisit my first cuckold experience. It was when I was in . . . → Read More: My First Cuckold Experience

Is There a Right Way To Cuckold

Ms. Delia On Cuckolding…and I have many thoughts like is there a “right” way to cuckold a man? After lots of practice and play with the cuck and bull dynamics, I would say no.


Cuck Rules from Ms. Delia

Cuckolding is a big subject, with many different reasons for the cuck to . . . → Read More: Is There a Right Way To Cuckold

Cuckolded by a Friend

Have you ever been cuckolded by a friend? I recently had a very sexy call with TWO men who did a cuckolding session with me.

Cuckolded by Ms. Delia

You must know how much I adore the cuckolding dynamic! To have two men on the phone, one the cuckold and one the sexy . . . → Read More: Cuckolded by a Friend

A Cuckold Fantasy

Though I have described reverse cuckolding with Jack, I do have one HOT cuckold fantasy that is more “traditional” and truly gets me very horny, primal and so wet!

My Cuckold Fantasy

A Cuckold Fantasy

I am your beautiful wife, and you are my cuckold! I have the ability to tempt and tease . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Fantasy

Cuckolding with Ms. Delia

Come along, my cuckold pet….

You Certainly do Like to be Cuckolded

I’ve written a lot about it recently.  The reverse cuckolding I sometimes do with Jack, cuckolding you with your girlfriend or hot wife while I’m the Bull, making her scream from my strap-on pounding.  And last week, I wrote about “traditional” . . . → Read More: Cuckolding with Ms. Delia