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Tied Up Tuesday

Think I Can’t Control You?

Keeping You Under Control

What do I think most defines me as a Femdom?  I think it’s my need for absolute and total control over you.  Now, you’ve willingly given me control of your cock, but I really want more.  Bondage – tying you up so you are . . . → Read More: Tied Up Tuesday

You Want Ms. Delia To Dominate You

My Dominating Schedule

You want me to dominate you!

– more than usual.  You just haven’t been suffering for ME!  In general I will be available from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday (that’s Eastern.  Oh, and you UK wankers – that’s prime time for you, isn’t it?).  Saturdays are my . . . → Read More: You Want Ms. Delia To Dominate You

Are You a Sensual or Strict Mistress

I often get asked if I am a sensual or strict Mistress. And honestly the answer can be both! Often a session can start out very sensual, and turn strict when I can tell my submissive needs a firmer hand or to be taken deeper into subspace. Other times a strict session can turn . . . → Read More: Are You a Sensual or Strict Mistress

An Erotic Halloween Story

Deeper into the House of Horrors

What pretty panties! Did Ms. Constance’s Haunted Panties scare you?  Aren’t you ready to turn back?  Or are you such a slut, so controlled by your own needs and the needs of that pathetic, horny cock, that you just have no choice but to continue on?  Well, head . . . → Read More: An Erotic Halloween Story

Do You Want Ms. Delia to Dominate You?

Join Me On My Featured Mistress Day

Soft or Hard?

Not your cock, slut!  I know that’s hard!  I mean, which way do you like your dominance – soft, light, sensual, or strict and hard?  I know, I have the hard, cockteasing bitch reputation, but my sissies will tell you, I can be . . . → Read More: Do You Want Ms. Delia to Dominate You?