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Dick Dancing

Dick Dancing is a masturbation technique sure to get you through the doldrums of summer! Who doesn’t like to dance? When adding music to your masturbation, it adds a bit of fun! This technique was shared with my by whack off boy, and I have put it together for you here!

Dick Dancing!

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In the Masturbating Mood

Getting In The Masturbating Mood

Are you in a Masturbating Mood?

One of the things about my Epic Edger Kevin is that he calls me when he’s, as he says “In The Masturbating Mood”.  Since he is being cuckolded by his wife, his only outlet for sex is from jerking off.  She also . . . → Read More: In the Masturbating Mood

A Stroker’s Ode

Poor stroker!

It’s All About Control

That’s what I like about being a controlling Mistress – controlling your cock.  It’s so much fun to take away your ability to do what you desire most – to cum!  I can tease and edge you for hours, I can ruin your orgasm or I can . . . → Read More: A Stroker’s Ode

Multiple Orgasm Masturbation Monday

Hot Masturbation

You’re Not A One Hit Wonder, Are You?

Do you think you can cum more than once for me?  You see, that’s why they call us cockteases and not pussy teases.  When I’m playing with you, I like to tease you and delay your orgasm for as long as possible – . . . → Read More: Multiple Orgasm Masturbation Monday

Ms. Delia Has A Sensual Side

Sensual Mistress Delia

It’s Not All Hard Core

I think you submissives are laboring under a mistaken assumption – and you know what happens when you Ass-U-Me, right?  There are a number of you sluts who seem to  have the belief that all I am is a cockteasing bitch!  All hard core, all . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Has A Sensual Side