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Masturbation Humiliation

Hello, Mistress Delia here, which means its time to lube up and jerk off.

Sweety, I want you to wank a Champ!!

C’mon, touch y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f. Play with y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f. Fuck y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f.

Got the theme, honey pot? You . . . yourself . . . we can see that you are just so passionate about . . . . → Read More: Masturbation Humiliation

Submissives Crave Humiliation

All Submissives Crave Humiliation

It’s true.  To some extent, every submissive wants to be humiliated.  It may not be hardcore humiliation, but you all want just a bit of embarrassment, just a bit of teasing.  You may be thinking, “I just like to be teased,” but when you get right down to it, even cockteasing is humiliation.  . . . → Read More: Submissives Crave Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Repeat after me, pindick…

I Truly Do Love My Small Penis Pets

Remember when I had all you pindicks sending me pictures of your tiny little appendages? I laughed hard for weeks! Having small penis pets is just so much fun – not because I can do anything with those oversized clits, but . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Do You Always Keep Slaves Naked?

Naked, Exposed and Excited Sllaves are the best!

Clothed Female, Naked Male

If you read enough erotica, or watch enough Femdom porn, you’d think that Mistresses are always dressed in leather bustiers, g-strings and thigh high boots – and submissives are always naked.  Now, that’s not to say that CFNM is not a . . . → Read More: Do You Always Keep Slaves Naked?

Smooth Legs

Would You Like To Worship These Legs?

They’ll Get You Off

So, the other night, my subby hubby, Jack’n’Jerk, was getting a little bit – frisky.  I had had a long day talking to all you strokers, sissies, cuckold, cocksuckers and ass whores, and I had just slipped into bed.  I was tired.  . . . → Read More: Smooth Legs