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It’s Masturbation May You Need to Check Out Enchantrix Perks

We have a new website here at LDW.  It’s called Enchantrix Perks.  Right there on the splash page, it tells you what it’s all about – Special Extras just for our loyal subs, slaves, sissies, cuckold’s and pets!  We’ll be posting contests, events, and . . . → Read More: It is MASTURBATION MAY!

Hotel Room Cocktease

Hotel Room Cocktease

Recently, Jack was able to take me along on one of his business trips…and I had a bit of an adventure while he was out!  I was going to meet him and some of his work peeps for an elegant dinner…and I found a “peep” of my own – a Peeping . . . → Read More: Hotel Room Cocktease

Porn Masturbation

Porn Masturbation: No Touching Masturbation

I love Masturbation May, and I think Ms. Christine had a really good point in a post she wrote to open Masturbation May – it’s Masturbation May, strokers, not Jizzing June!  So, for this guided masturbation tease, you’re not going to stroke…you’re just going to leak for me!  Make sure . . . → Read More: Porn Masturbation

6 Sexy Stroking Tips

Today for Masturbation Monday, I have 6 sexy stroking tips for you. These should go well with last Monday’s 3 Masturbation Lessons. Yes, you can use these together, and enjoy them completely!

Stroking Tip 1

SLOW DOWN! Don’t jump right to stroking- take the scenic route! It’s a given that stroking feels amazing! You would . . . → Read More: 6 Sexy Stroking Tips

Masturbation Benefits

Ready to Masturbate?

“Wait! Ms. Delia the cock tease just said Masturbation Benefits! What is happening on this Masturbation Monday? Will she really let us cum?”

Oh read on, my wonderful blog readers!! There may very well be an orgasm for you!

Yes, Masturbation Does Have Benefits

You all know I love to . . . → Read More: Masturbation Benefits