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Pump For Ms. Delia

Pump For Ms. Delia Might Be Your Last Chance To Jerk Off!

You are good, so give yourself a hand!  Are you up for a little self-intimacy? Go ahead, caress yourself.  Let’s see you do some serious self-loving, some self fucking.  You are now, fucking for one.  Fuck yourself.  Or maybe fuck by yourself.  . . . → Read More: Pump For Ms. Delia

Tell Me What You Stroke To

Tell Me What You Stroke To What Goes In Your Spank Bank?

Do you realize there’s over 7 ½ years of blog posts here at Beg For Mistress?  Fem Fabulous goes back just as far.  Then there’s the posts I’ve put up on sites like May I Cum, Sissyville, the various Bootcamp sites.  That’s . . . → Read More: Tell Me What You Stroke To


It’s Masturbation May You Need to Check Out Enchantrix Perks

We have a new website here at LDW.  It’s called Enchantrix Perks.  Right there on the splash page, it tells you what it’s all about – Special Extras just for our loyal subs, slaves, sissies, cuckold’s and pets!  We’ll be posting contests, events, and . . . → Read More: It is MASTURBATION MAY!

Hotel Room Cocktease

Hotel Room Cocktease

Recently, Jack was able to take me along on one of his business trips…and I had a bit of an adventure while he was out!  I was going to meet him and some of his work peeps for an elegant dinner…and I found a “peep” of my own – a Peeping . . . → Read More: Hotel Room Cocktease

Porn Masturbation

Porn Masturbation: No Touching Masturbation

I love Masturbation May, and I think Ms. Christine had a really good point in a post she wrote to open Masturbation May – it’s Masturbation May, strokers, not Jizzing June!  So, for this guided masturbation tease, you’re not going to stroke…you’re just going to leak for me!  Make sure . . . → Read More: Porn Masturbation