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Masturbation Monday – Multiple Orgasms

One Reason Women Are Superior

There are a lot of reasons why women are superior and why Femdoms are able to control you.  Obviously, it’s because we have the pussy!  There’s something else though, and that thing is the fact that we are able to have multiple orgasms.  That means we can fuck you . . . → Read More: Masturbation Monday – Multiple Orgasms

2018 Beg For Mistress

Mistress Delia Has Some Plans

Mistress Delia has been thinking and planning based on some emails I was sent telling me your 2018 resolutions!  Remember my kinky cruise?  When one day was rained out, I sat in the spa and got deliciously pampered. That started my resolution thinking! I did some brainstorming about what . . . → Read More: 2018 Beg For Mistress

A Tantric Tip Of The Cap To Ms. Layla

It’s Another Masturbation Monday!

Try This Tantric Mistress’ Masturbation Technique

I absolutely adore Ms. Layla. For any of you who have been privileged enough to do a call with her – or even luckier to do a two Mistress call with both of us! – you know how much she enjoys tantra. Whenever . . . → Read More: A Tantric Tip Of The Cap To Ms. Layla

Limp Wristed Masturbation

Masturbation Mistress Delia

Limp Wristed Masturbation isn’t masturbation for my femme sissies.  We’re going to use both your hand and your wrist to jerk off today though.  I did promise to try to make masturbation more like sex, and one of the things about being inside a wet, warm pussy is that, as you . . . → Read More: Limp Wristed Masturbation