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Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

There wasn’t going to be a Part 2 after my first post, but I tried this sexy tease with subby hubby Jack, and I just had to share it with you all!

Sexy Thigh Highs for Hands Free Masturbation

Do I not have the sexiest legs there are?  I . . . → Read More: Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

Hands Free Masturbation

Hands Free Masturbation A Masterful Masturbatrix

There is no doubt I know how to handle a cock, is there?  I can guide your masturbation, and you know that if you follow all my instructions and do exactly as I say, that orgasm I allow you will be one of the best you’ve ever had!  . . . → Read More: Hands Free Masturbation

Jelquing Technique

This week I want to revisit the jelqing technique. I have had a couple of wonderful sessions recently where I taught a man to jelq. It was so very sexy teaching something new, and I do invite you to practice this exciting technique!

What Is Jelqing?

Masturbation Technique from Ms. Delia

Jelqing – . . . → Read More: Jelquing Technique

Cock Sprints – Stroke Fast

I like long, extended stroking sessions.  You know how hot, how wet, listening to you beg for release gets me.  If you’re a minute man, I’m not even going to get warmed up, let alone hot and wet.  That’s why many of my guided masturbation games are all about edging and teasing you and increasing your . . . → Read More: Cock Sprints – Stroke Fast

Changing Hands for Masturbation

You can stroke with opposite hands!

Changing hands for masturbation is a sexy and fun way to add to your masturbation routine. When you jerk off, have you ever done opposite hand masturbation or are you always jerking off with the same hand?  I bet you likely use the same hand.  If you’re a right . . . → Read More: Changing Hands for Masturbation