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Continuous Cumming

I have often taught men to prolong their orgasms, and have come up with a way to do something I call continuous cumming! This technique takes lots of practice, but if you can master it, you will be able to have multiple orgasms.

Steps to Continuous Cumming Slowly work your cock to an edge, . . . → Read More: Continuous Cumming

Break the Masturbation Routine!

Ms. Delia Changes your Masturbation!

Happy Masturbation Monday! This week we are breaking the masturbation routine, and you are going to do it for yourself, not with guided masturbation. Don’t Let Routine Ruin Your Pleasure…ever!

Ms. Delia wonders…Do you find yourself going through the same motions when you masturbate? Do you use the . . . → Read More: Break the Masturbation Routine!

Stretching for Masturbation

The Pre-Masturbation Back Stretch

Stretch before Masturbating

This position is hot for masturbating, so why not warm up in it? Get on your knees! I LOVE saying that. Sit that ass back on your feet. Lean forward and reach your arms out in front of you and feel the stretch in your back. . . . → Read More: Stretching for Masturbation

Kegels Intensify Orgasms

Stroking with Kegels for Me!

What are kegels and how do they intensify orgasms? Well, I will explain the first part, and then will let a sexy stroker add his thoughts about kegels during masturbation! And I must say, I love how many of you are doing orgasm experiments after I encouraged you . . . → Read More: Kegels Intensify Orgasms

Metronome Masturbation

Metronome Masturbation was a post suggested by one of my faithful strokers! I have had very sexy calls with men where I turn a metronome up in speed…or down, and have them stroke as the gentle ticking guides them. Sexy right? Fuck yes! I even did a sexy audio about masturbating with a metronome. . . . → Read More: Metronome Masturbation