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Preparing For Your BDSM Session

I want you prepared….

Ms. Delia Is All For Spontaneity

I know a lot of you call a Phone Sex Domme on the spur of the moment, on impulse.  The wife has gone out with her friends – hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll bring a cock home for you to fluff! . . . → Read More: Preparing For Your BDSM Session

Tied Up Tuesday

Think I Can’t Control You?

Keeping You Under Control

What do I think most defines me as a Femdom?  I think it’s my need for absolute and total control over you.  Now, you’ve willingly given me control of your cock, but I really want more.  Bondage – tying you up so you are . . . → Read More: Tied Up Tuesday

Bondage Fun In the New House

I can’t put this in the guest room!

Ms. Delia Was Sad

One thing moving to the South has taught me is that y’all don’t believe in basements.  How’s a Femdom supposed to have a proper dungeon without a basement!  Luckily, Jack and I bought a house with a lot of bedrooms, a . . . → Read More: Bondage Fun In the New House

An Erotic Halloween Story

Deeper into the House of Horrors

What pretty panties! Did Ms. Constance’s Haunted Panties scare you?  Aren’t you ready to turn back?  Or are you such a slut, so controlled by your own needs and the needs of that pathetic, horny cock, that you just have no choice but to continue on?  Well, head . . . → Read More: An Erotic Halloween Story

Are You Going To Eat That Cum For Me?

You WILL eat your cum!

Has a Week of Ruining Changed Your Mind?

I’ve had you ruining orgasm after orgasm for the past week…and swallowing down all that bittersweet cream.  All so you’ll build up that craving for cum.  You see, I don’t want any empty promises.  “Oh, please, Ms. Delia, please.  I . . . → Read More: Are You Going To Eat That Cum For Me?