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BDSM Breakup

A BDSM Breakup

From time to time things happen in a BDSM relationship where one person, Dominant or submissive must end the relationship. Handled well this ending can bring wonderful closure and feelings of respect and value to each party. Handled poorly, one or the other could be damaged, even hurt. I want to . . . → Read More: BDSM Breakup

Submissive Positive Monday, Part 4

Submissive Positive: It’s Great To Guide And Teach You

Now, I don’t know how many of you sluts, slaves and submissives know, but in a prior life, I was involved in education and psychology.  So, when I can guide your masturbation, or teach you just how to suck cock, it’s something that I get to . . . → Read More: Submissive Positive Monday, Part 4

Your Submissive Journey

Today I am going to discuss your submissive journey. We will get back to masturbation posts next Monday. I have been thinking a lot about how submissives grow and learn, and how they really do go on a journey. Happily, a submissive can learn new skills to best please his Mistress, and can grow in . . . → Read More: Your Submissive Journey

Domme Space and Sub Space

This week I am in a mood to discuss some of the finer points of BDSM.

Domme space is wild! What is it? Think of Domme space as controlled sub space

Ruined Orgasm Mistress Delia

In the past, I have often talked about subspace, and Top space is the Dominant equivalent of that wonderful, blissful . . . → Read More: Domme Space and Sub Space

BDSM Dynamic with one Vanilla Partner

Can a BDSM dynamic develop when one partner is vanilla? I was chatting in Yahoo IM with a very submissive man, and he asked a question that made me think!

His Question

How do u think a relationship/scenario goes between 2 people when they are not into bdsm other than during play time? In . . . → Read More: BDSM Dynamic with one Vanilla Partner