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Jack’s Skype Call

Jack’s Skype Call Skype – Just Another Way To Reach Your Phone Sex Femdom

You know we have so many different ways to get in touch with a Phone Sex Mistress here at The Enchantrix Empire.  While speaking on the phone is certainly the main way we session with you, there are so many . . . → Read More: Jack’s Skype Call

Ruined Orgasm Or Full Release


Ruined Orgasm or full release is what I have been tormenting Jack with all week. See, I knew you all would want him to take part in this December Domination chastity challenge!

Blindfolded Submissive

I’ve Been Ruining Jack For A Week

For the week leading up to our cruise, I’ve been . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm Or Full Release

Vote: Should panty puppet cum?

I have this loyal pet I call panty puppet.  He has a small little 5″ penis that cums really fast.  To try and cure him of his lack of stamina, and to punish him for his smallness, and his compulsive masturbation, every once in a while, I put him on a very intense edging . . . → Read More: Vote: Should panty puppet cum?

More Tease And Denial For Jack

How much teasing could you take?

Teasing To Get Those Balls Churning

After his panty wearing shore excursion, and the massive load of cum that erupted from his balls, I figured they needed to be re-filled. As a cockteasing bitch, I know nothing will get a submissive strokers balls churning out spunk like . . . → Read More: More Tease And Denial For Jack

Ruined Orgasm

I wonder if I could ruin you forever?

Can You Ruin A Man With Ruined Orgasms?

I received a very interesting email the other day:

Dear Ms. Delia

Do you think you can ruin a man’s orgasms by ruining every single one? Like, if you ruined every orgasm he had, would he, ultimately, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm