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Different Pain For Different Players

It’s okay to cry

Do I Have To Be A Pain Slut?

As many of you know, Ms. Delia has this reputation of being a hardcore sadistic bitch, that I love to play on the edge and get off on hearing your screams and making you cry.  Now, while that’s true, I can . . . → Read More: Different Pain For Different Players

Cock Control Music

Look Into My Eyes And I’ll Own You!

Music Can Be Kinky

I wrote a post a while back about how Mr. Brightsides by The Killers seemed to me to be a whole song about cuckolding.  Well, I have a kinky mind – did any of you doubt that? – and as I . . . → Read More: Cock Control Music

Cuckolding with Ms. Delia

Come along, my cuckold pet….

You Certainly do Like to be Cuckolded

I’ve written a lot about it recently.  The reverse cuckolding I sometimes do with Jack, cuckolding you with your girlfriend or hot wife while I’m the Bull, making her scream from my strap-on pounding.  And last week, I wrote about “traditional” . . . → Read More: Cuckolding with Ms. Delia

Bisexual Domination

Do I look like I wouldn’t torment a pussy?

I’m An Equal Opportunity Dominatrix

That’s right.  If you weren’t already aware – and seriously, if you’ve read my blog or talked to me, how couldn’t you be? –  I’m bisexual.  I like women and men.  My relationships with men are almost exclusively Domme/sub.  . . . → Read More: Bisexual Domination

Lovely Leg Fetish

Would You Like To Kiss All The Way Up These Legs?

I Know Why Men Love Legs so Much

Do you have a leg fetish? I completely understand. Long, lean, toned, and graceful legs simply demand worship, don’t they? I bet you love watching a woman stride down a street, twirl on a . . . → Read More: Lovely Leg Fetish