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What Every Sissy Needs

What Every Sissy Needs Locked Cock

Not so much a locked cock.  You don’t have one of those, do you sissy?  No, you have a sissy clit.  Whatever we call it, the fact remains, it should be locked up.

That sissy clit is useless, so let’s just put it in a sissy clit cover . . . → Read More: What Every Sissy Needs

Why I Lock Up Sissies

Chastity is not a Punishment

I think there are many sissies, and even some Feminization Mistresses, who look upon chastity as some type of punishment.  The belief seems to be that we are locking away your sissy clit because it is a sissy clit.  If you weren’t a sissy, it would just be a . . . → Read More: Why I Lock Up Sissies

Is Your Skirt Too Short?

Is Your Skirt Too Short For A Sissy Slut!

Honestly, I think it’s a silly question.  You are one of my slutty sissies, so how could your skirt ever be too short.  You know the only reason why you’re wearing it is because it’s not acceptable in society to go out dressed only in panties, . . . → Read More: Is Your Skirt Too Short?

Sissies Don’t Need To Be Coerced

Sissies Don’t Need To Be Coerced… …But That Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t Want To Be

There are the sissies who want to be dressed up, who want to wear panties and bras for me, to get down on their nylon covered knees and suck cock.  Then there is the sissy who needs to be . . . → Read More: Sissies Don’t Need To Be Coerced

A Red, White And Blue Assignment

Normally, my Memorial Day posts are serious.  This one may be fun, but remember all the veteran’s who have served our country, because that’s what the day is all about!

Your White Panties

C’mon panty bois!  It’s Memorial Day, and you can finally pull out your white panties and put those on!  I hope . . . → Read More: A Red, White And Blue Assignment