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Small Penis Humiliation at a Concert

One of my dear callers, lil Kev has a fascination with a viral video showing a naked man with a TINY penis at an outdoor concert. It is like an obsession, and I am fascinated by it! So this blog takes you into the headspace of the sadly hung man… Enjoy!

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Sph Story 4 of 4

We last left off with Kevin’s co-workers, Beth and Kate feeling badly for his fiancee, Kara, and SORT OF promising they would keep his secret…now was that the secret of his small penis, or was it his stage performance?

The SPH Confession Continues

Kevin continued his confession. He described a Female Led Relationship with . . . → Read More: Sph Story 4 of 4

Sph Story 3 of 4

We last left this story with Beth and Kate very happy to keep poor Kev’s “little secret” from his fiancee, Kara. But let’s see what happens next in this small penis humiliation story!

A SPH Confrontation

Yes, it is SMALL

A few days after his naked debut, Kevin asked to meet with Beth . . . → Read More: Sph Story 3 of 4

Sph Story 2 of 4

Let’s Begin our SPH Story!

At the club a few weeks after the “small penis humiliation” show, I bumped into two women who were part of the sellout crowd that priceless night: Beth and Kate, who were dear Kevin’s ¬†two coworkers. (and you ALL know Kevin has a small penis, very under endowed)

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SPH Story 1 of 4

Do you remember my blog about the magnificent seven? You know, those 7 cray cray dudes who strutted their, um, “stuff” *snicker* before an oh so amused crowd at a wayward fetish club? If you are into small penis humiliation, I am sure you do!

How Small is Your Penis?sure you do remember!

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