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The Female Led Relationship Role Play

The Female Led Relationship Role Play is another role play  in my series of sexy role play ideas. I am a Mistress who loves to be creative with role plays. I welcome scripts and ideas, and I hope you are inspired by these scripts, and that you will try your own sexy role play soon!

. . . → Read More: The Female Led Relationship Role Play

Cuckolding with Ms. Delia

Come along, my cuckold pet….

You Certainly do Like to be Cuckolded

I’ve written a lot about it recently.  The reverse cuckolding I sometimes do with Jack, cuckolding you with your girlfriend or hot wife while I’m the Bull, making her scream from my strap-on pounding.  And last week, I wrote about “traditional” . . . → Read More: Cuckolding with Ms. Delia

Are You A Keyhole Cuckold?

What do you see?

What’s A Keyhole Cuckold?

It’s a cuckold who only gets to watch – through the keyhole.  Your hot wife or cheating girlfriend brings her lover home, they go into the bedroom and lock the door, and then you have to kneel at the door, and stare through the keyhole . . . → Read More: Are You A Keyhole Cuckold?

The Cock Strokers’ Anthem

I’ve got white panties underneath this red dress – and your balls will be blue!

It’s Cock-Dependence Day!

Last year, I made all of July Anti-Independence month.  I thought about doing that again this year – but why limit it to one month?  It’s so much more fun  to take away your ability . . . → Read More: The Cock Strokers’ Anthem

Submission is NOT a Gift

Your gift of submission is not the key to my heart


How many of you are screaming that – or calling me other choice words because I just shouted out that submission isn’t a gift?  I am not saying I don’t like having submissives, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the submissives . . . → Read More: Submission is NOT a Gift