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Virtual World Info

Come and Play in Our Virtual World

*Note* ALL of these links below will take you away from LDW/Enchantrix sites to another one!

Join us in the Virtual World!

Things you need to play in our fun little world:

  • While not necessary, it is helpful to have a newer desktop or notebook computer with dedicated graphics card.  These are the recommended system requirements.
  • Register for the sexy virtual game!  It’s free to register and get a basic system avatar. Choose male or female. *Tip…If you are going to be a sissy or feminine most of the time, be sure to go female! The site will walk you through the rest of the joining options.
  • Download the viewer we recommend. Firestorm. It’s a free download. Firestorm Viewer Download there.

Things I can help you with…

  • If you want me to do a sexy avatar (a serious step WAY up from the basic system avatar!) for you, add $30-$40 to your account the day you register.
  • Send an email to me get help making your sexy avatar. I will also give you tricks and tips on learning and playing.
  • With a guide it’s pretty easy to learn the basics and you’ll be ready to go, so let me know your avatar name, and I will happily teleport you to Our Simulation, Enchantrix Empire, and help you set that as a landmark location.