Are you one of the men who must display on webcam? I think you might be the kind who dreams of masturbating and stroking that hard cock, broadcasting for a Mistress to see. While you stroke, I am in complete control of that hard, aching dick! Just imagine all of that cum that is building up in those very full and aching balls. All you want to do is release that cum, and I get to choose whether I will allow you that delicious release or whether I will deny that cock. C’mon! I want you to stroke for me!

Webcam Peeking

Webcam Peeking

Webcam Stroking FantasyI do have my very own Mistress Stroking Fantasy. In it, I have four to five sexy men displaying on webcam for me at once. I am the judge to which man gets to release first, or even at all. If one is not a good stroker, he will be denied. The excellent dick strokers are allowed to release for me.In another fantasy I have, I am stroking two cocks. Two men are under my stroking control. The man who complies, edges, and holds that cum back for as long as I want, earns that intense orgasm at my hand. The other is denied. Which one would you be…? How many spurts would you make? I love seeing the power from the buildup I caused. All those spurts displayed; emptied balls per my command.In person, I love to feel it. Squeeze those full tight balls. Then, when I am ready for the cum to explode out, I squeeze thew shaft and delight in the way it pulses, and the way the cum travel with such force inside that shaft, and spurting out as I finish him off , getting out as many spurts as I want!

A Webcam Stroker Displays at ANY Cost

I have one man who enjoys my stroking games and teasing.  He says:

I NEED to exhibit my stroking to a demanding but understanding Lady like Yourself. This week i am actually evading work one morning or afternoon so that i can call you. I like to be denied in one place, then be allowed at my second or third attempt to relase on your count-down. The thought of being caught adds enormously to the sexual tension. I know this is all pathetic, but i can’t wait to hear your voice, and i’m desperate enough to let everyone else know…..

So I let everyone know! Do you need to display like this? Do you need my teasing, denial, and stroking control?