Does Being A Sissy Make You Gay?

Do You Dress Up?

Of course you do, you’re a sissy.  Unlike men who want to fantasize about being a cuckold or sucking cock, I don’t know many sissies who just dream about dressing up.

They may dream about what they could wear, but they all dress up to some extent.  So, be honest with me.  You’ve worn stocking and garters, lingerie and heels, haven’t you?

Of course you have.  But, that doesn’t make you gay.

What Do You Do In Your Slutty Clothes?

It’s what you do in those outfits that might make you gay.  Once you’re dressed in stockings and heels, have you sucked and fucked dildos?

Have you slid a butt plug into your boi pussy?  Have you had orgasms, squirt sissy cummies out of that sissy clit while you’ve pretended to be a girl?

Did you eat up all that cum?

Anything I Left Out?

Come on, be honest.  Was it a real cock you sucked and fucked?  Did you have a sissygasm while he buried that dick deep inside you?

Did you clean him up, then get down on the floor and lick up all your jizz? Are you addicted to cock? See, that’s what makes you gay!