You Won’t Let Me Cum, Will You?

I’m a Cocktease so of course I won’t let you cum!  You may think it’s a silly question.  Either because you know what my answer is going to be, or because you can’t believe someone would actually ask it!  I mean, who doesn’t want to cum, right?  Well, you’d be surprised.  I actually have quite a few submissives who beg me NOT to cum.  And in fact, one of them wrote me a lovely email a few weeks ago…

Cumming Makes Me Sad

You know how sad it makes me, right? You know the brief high isn’t worth the come down. That the temporary rush can’t compare to the build up. I’m always disappointed after. That I didn’t go longer, that I heard “Yes” instead of “No” to my question, which I know sounded like I wanted a positive answer to but I didn’t really! I love how my cock leaks, how it throbs and all I can think of is you, or me, or anyone touching it. Why would I want an end to that? So hard and warm, wet with lube and my own fluids, and all for you!  We’ve both gone through so much effort.  You, giving just the right guided masturbation instructions, keeping me right there on the edge.  Me, desperately working to hold back what my cock so obviously wants to do.  Proving my devotion to you, letting you continue teasing my cock, denying my orgasm. why spoil all that effort?

More Begging to Orgasm?

You won’t let me cum, will you? You know how sad it makes me. I much prefer stroking my cock under the directions of an expert Masturbatrix.  You looking at me with those eyes. Me wondering what evil is going on behind them, listening to your commands and demands, knowing soon you will tell me to let go of my cock and just let it bob and twitch. Telling me to massage, tickle, squeeze my cum filled balls. Having me beg for an orgasm we both know I don’t want.

You won’t let me cum, will you?

Well certainly not!  Not after that wonderful email.  So tell me strokers, do you enjoy the endless edging when I tease your cock?