I Think It’s The Season

                                                          Spring Orgasm

I don’t know about the rest of you, but spring has sprung here in Savannah.  Actually, I think spring went right on past, and summer has taken up residence.  All the hot, young guys, running around the parks and squares in their shorts, outlines of their quite large packages showing proudly!

It seems to have affected my mood.  I think I’m going to allow you to cum.  How long has it been?  I locked you in chastity on Christmas?  Or was it New Years?  What’s a week, really.  Oh, with my cockteasing it’s a week of hell?  Careful, slut, my mood can change pretty quick!

Stroke For Me

I’m joking!  You need to follow all my guided masturbation instructions, you know that.  I want you to start by massaging and squeezing my balls.  Do it until my cock is straining hard in that cage.  Now go ahead, take that cock out of its cage.  I’ll bet it sprang right to full hardness – 3 inches, that about right?  Give me a minute of stroking just the bottom half, then a minute of stroking the top, up and over the head.  Now a full minute of palming the head.  I’m sure it’s slick with pre-cum already.

Now, you can give it full strokes, from the base, up over the head, back down again.   About once a second for s full minute, then – cock sprints!  40 as fast as you can, then 20 seconds at one-stroke-a-second.  Give me ten cock sprints.

Are You Ready To Cum?

Not so fast, there.  Did you edge during your cock sprints?  Well, good, that’s one down (I don’t care how many times you edged, it’s still only one!)  Now, stroke once every five seconds until you edge, then rest one minute, then once every four until you edge, rest a minute, and so until you’ve edged four time.  Start stroking as fast as you can.

Make sure to ask permission when you’re on the edge, and two to three strokes away from blowing your load…

NO!  You can’t cum!  Did you not check the date?  It’s April Fool’s you silly stroke slut!  I can’t believe you thought the Supreme Cockteasing Bitch would allow you to cum!  Lock it back up and we’ll tease you later.