Why I Often Choose Denial

Give A Man An Orgasm

I often choose orgasm denial. Why? One thing I’ve learned being an expert cocktease is this:  Give a man an orgasm and he’ll forget it in a moment.  It’s true!  Every cocktease knows the science behind the male orgasm.  You cum and squirt out all that jizz. Whether it’s by hand, mouth, pussy or even ass, your release ruins things! All those bad hormones are released. That one orgasm turns you into a self-centered, male chauvinistic jerk.

You get tired, and you completely forget that maybe the person who provided you that wonderful orgasm isn’t quite finished! Oh no! She isn’t satisfied yet. You got yours, and so you completely forget about who just gave you that wonderful, amazing feeling.

Deny A Man An Orgasm

Now, there is another way! Deny a man an orgasm and he’ll never stop thinking about it!  If you’re denied, you start to think about how good it would feel to cum, how you were that close.  Oh, and edging felt good, but wouldn’t shooting your load feel even better?

At first, that’s all you think about. But as that denial goes longer and longer, you start to think about the person who holds the key to your release. Maybe even literally she’s got the key to your chastity cage!  You start to think, what can I do for her?

Denial and LOTS of Teasing

Periods of denial, and thoughts of how good an orgasm will feel will increase! You will also think about just what you can do to convince your Mistress to allow you an orgasm. I will say that it is even harder to take when she teases you.  She doesn’t even have to stroke you and edge you.

Maybe she just walks around in lingerie, Maybe she makes you watch while she pleasures herself and has all the orgasms you aren’t having.  That alone is enough to keep you thinking about your next cum, isn’t it?