Guided Masturbation Imagination

Climbing the guided masturbation ladder is one reason why I love Guided Masturbation! I love guiding your masturbation because it lets me come up with so many imaginative ways for you to jerk off.  Now, this isn’t so much a masturbation ladder as it is an edging ladder.  The whole object of this guided masturbation game is to jerk your cock and edge, then ride that edge.  Let me explain the ladder part.

The Masturbation Ladder

As you climb up a ladder, you get higher and higher, right?  Well, as you climb your masturbation ladder, you’re going to ride that edge for longer and longer.  Start out with edging and holding it 5 seconds.  On the second step of that ladder, hold for 10 seconds.  Add five seconds to every step.  It’s a big ladder, slut!  20 steps!  So by the time you get to the top, you’ll be riding that edge for 100 sec, or 1 minute and 50 seconds.  Want a real challenge?  Climb back down the ladder, decreasing 5 seconds at every step.  If you complete it all, Masturbatrix Delia has made you do 39 edges and almost 8 minutes of held edges!

*Edit* scottie emailed me just after this published and told me the math for him was off, stating he was at 35 minutes of edges for the entire up and down trip. So while I used a calculator and just added the seconds then divided by 60 to get 8 minutes for you, I LOVE that scottie found MORE time, so now everyone does it his way. More is ALWAYS better for Ms. Delia!!

Should You Be Allowed Release?

Now that you’re at the bottom, do you think I should have you edge one more time?  Make it an even 40?  Maybe I should allow you a release?  Well, when I guide your masturbation, I control your cock.  I get to determine how and when you stroke, and I get to determine if and when you get to orgasm. I may deny you, I may ruin you, or I may take pity on you and allow you a full release at the end of our guided masturbation game.