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You belong to Me, thus I feel you should know about the Mistress you have chosen to serve.

I have been Dominant since before I knew what the word even meant, and always conduct myself as such a person, confident, in control, and one who gets what she wants when she wants it.

I am carnal and love the responses a body gives up to me. I am sensual and creative allowing me to be quite adept at all types of fetish play. I want to take you on an intense sexual journey into the deepest depths of your wildest desires. While speaking with you, you can bet I am enjoying myself! I may even bring along my own toys for our calls.

Begging is like a sport for me. I adore the sounds of whimpering, begging, and pleading.  It does not matter what you are begging for, attention, praise, for the pain to stop, or even for an intense orgasm. I can become energized from your pleas, and will control when and if they stop.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Corporal Punishment – I enjoy administering mild to painful corporal punishment.

Bondage – My preference is to use leather restraints to hold you down.

Gags – I like to hear the sounds of your pain and pleasure. I very much enjoy shoving wet panties in your mouth.

Humiliation – The form of humiliation that I prefer is teasing once I get inside your head, though I can be cruel as well.

Fantasy CBT – I will take your “family jewels” and use them as I wish. I am a big fan of tease and denial!

Anal Play – I take it slow to allow you to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure and the most intense orgasms.

Body Worship – The privilege of worship must be earned, but I have a body that deserves to be worshiped!  Expect to be teased, denied, and then suddenly honored with the opportunity to show your adoration.

Chastity – One of my favorite ways to control you is with a chastity device. Even long distance, I can virtually hold the key and you can feel assured that I am always on your mind, getting it to you when I am in the mood for you to remove the device.

Sensation Play – I will make you aware of parts of your body you don’t usually notice. I strive to give you a variety of sensations switching from light to rough as I wish to, enjoying your responses and moans.

Foot Fetish – I seek a submissive who can truly appreciate my wonderful feet and worship them appropriately, in shoes, boots or bare.

Cross-dressing – Cross-dressing teaching is very important to me. Supporting you to pick out clothes and lingerie at a store, teaching you how to properly put on everything afterwards, and guiding you to apply make-up and wigs perfectly will transform you.

Fantasy sexual role play – This can take you deeper into another character and release you from the restrictions you put on yourself in your daily life. It means more preparation, and more risks, but the difference is palpable, and worth it! It’s okay to be a little bit shy and nervous, but I will help you through it all!

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