Ms. Delia


Must Be 18+

You know who you are. You are Mine.

Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important.

Without you as a submissive,

I could not be Me as a Domme!


5 Steps of Cock Edging

Cock edging, also known as orgasm control or orgasm denial, is a sexual practice that involves purposefully delaying or prolonging sexual pleasure and delaying orgasm. I had written recently about riding the edge of orgasm, which is so sexy, but got some questions...

Do You Have a Cuckolding Fetish?

Cuckolding is a complex and layered fetish. It is a form of consensual non-monogamy where a man, the cuckold, derives pleasure from watching or knowing about his wife or partner engaging in sexual activities with another man, known as the bull. While this may seem...

Do You Need a Ruined Orgasm Challenge?

Are you ready for a ruined orgasm challenge? A challenge that will not only test your self-control and endurance but will also introduce you to a new technique of ruined orgasms called scrunching. This technique is one of my favorites and will make your ruined orgasms...




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