Cuckolding by Delia 800-601-6975Cuckolding is a complex and layered fetish. It is a form of consensual non-monogamy where a man, the cuckold, derives pleasure from watching or knowing about his wife or partner engaging in sexual activities with another man, known as the bull. While this may seem like a simple concept, there are three main components to cuckolding: humiliation, the desire to see one’s wife pleased, and the desire to reclaim one’s wife after she has had a sexual encounter with a bull.

Cuckolding Humiliation

The first component of cuckolding is humiliation. This can take many forms, from mild teasing to extreme degradation. The cuckold gets aroused by the humiliation received from his wife’s sexual encounters with another man.  Cuckold humiliation can be a powerful and intense sexual experience for both the cuckold and his hot wife.

Cuckolding by Delia 800-601-69751. SPH: One way that humiliation plays out in cuckolding is through the act of “small penis humiliation” (SPH). The bull and often the wife mock and belittle the cuck’s penis size. For some men, this can be a major turn-on. SPH reaffirms their submissive role in the relationship and further intensifies their feelings of humiliation. SPH can also be coupled with comparisons to the bull’s penis size. This further heightens feelings of inadequacy and degradation for the cuckold.

2. Bi Sex: Another aspect of humiliation in cuckolding is the idea of “being turned bi.” The bull or wife makes the cuckold engage in sexual acts with the bull. The cuckold sucks cock or gets fucked, which goes against his perceived heterosexual identity. The degradation and humiliation of engaging in homosexual acts in front of his wife can be a major turn-on for some cuckolds.

While humiliation is a major theme in cuckolding, it is not always degrading. Sometimes there is mild sexual humiliation focused on the understanding that only another man can please the wife as she desires. This is the type of cuckolding I do with My subby hubby, Jack using toys or a fucking machine! The cuckold husband can’t please the wife. He knows her pleasure is the most important thing in the marriage, and craves watching her receive pleasure. This is a crucial aspect of cuckolding, as it differentiates it from cheating or infidelity.

Cuckolding by Delia 800-601-6975Pleasing the Wife

Another theme in cuckolding is the desire to see one’s wife pleased. This may seem counterintuitive, as the cuckold is often seen as submissive and less sexually dominant. However, many men who engage in cuckolding have a strong desire to see their wives sexually satisfied and fulfilled. A cuckold may want this for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of sexual prowess or inadequacy in the bedroom, which are both common themes.

For some men, the idea of watching their wives with another man and seeing her derive pleasure from him can be an intense turn-on. This desire to see one’s wife pleased can also extend beyond just sexual satisfaction. Some cuckolds may also enjoy seeing their wives emotionally fulfilled by the attention and affection of another man.

Reclaiming the Wife

Cuckolding by Delia 800-601-6975A third important theme in cuckolding is the desire to reclaim one’s wife after she has had a sexual encounter with a bull. This may seem like a contradiction to the previous components, but it is a crucial part of the cuckolding dynamic. After the hotwife has had her sexual encounter, the cuckold may feel a sense of jealousy or possessiveness. This is where the concept of “cuckold cleanup” comes into play.

Cuckold cleanup is when the cuckold cleans up his wife after she has had sex with the bull, generally orally. This can be seen as an intimate way for the cuckold to reclaim his wife and reaffirm their bond and commitment to each other. It is also a way for the cuckold to show his submission and devotion to his wife, as he is willing to clean up after her and the bull.

In addition to cleanup, the desire to reclaim one’s wife can also manifest in other ways, such as wanting to have sex with her immediately after she has had a sexual encounter with the bull. This is considered “winning her back.”

Cuckolding may seem like a simple concept, but the main components of humiliation, the desire to see one’s wife pleased, and the desire to reclaim one’s wife after she has had a sexual encounter with a bull all add layers, depth, and amazing intricacies. It all may seem contradictory, but it all works together to create a very personalized dynamic that is both sexually satisfying and emotionally fulfilling for all parties involved.

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