Views On Cuckolding

Cuckolding can be about so many things. It can be humiliating – you have a small cock and you just can’t satisfy me. It can be about chastity – just because you can’t cum, doesn’t mean I can’t! Or it can just be another aspect of sexual exploration. You can learn a lot from my lovers. You might learn new ways to touch me, new ways to, dare I say it, tease me so my orgasms come one after another, harder and more earth-shattering. Perhaps, you’re just a voyeur. We can lie together, next to each other on the bed , while my lover works his magic on me, sharing something so very intimate.

Being tuned in to my pleasure doesn’t have to be humiliating, or even submissive.

Your Role As My Cuckold

As my cuckold, you are the straw that stirs the drink, the key that opens the lock.  Without you, my lover and I would just have a vanilla relationship… okay, not exactly vanilla, more like a vanilla/chocolate twist sundae!

With you, however, my wonderful cuckold, my lover and I have a very special relationship.

Cuck And I Do Not Have a Typical Relationship

Only my lover can give me what I need, all those things you cannot.  While we may not have a typical relationship though, you do get to spend time with me, very intimate times.  It’s not only when my lover is present because you do require lots of training… In pleasuring my lover, in licking up creampies from me and eating cum directly from my lover.  You’ll help me prepare for my lover and your greatest gift to me will be the ability you have in making me all relaxed for the relationship that really matters to me: The one between me and my lover.